Safety Tips For Removing Snow And Ice

Removing snow and ice on your lawn and landscape is a very essential winter safety activity. While shovelling snow, people may suffer from injuries. These include blisters and heart attacks. Know though that with proper safety procedures, these injuries can be prevented.

Shovelling Your Driveway

Slips and falls can be prevented when you keep your driveway and walkway clear of snow and ice. It is very crucial that you keep some safety tips in mind each time you shovel.

Know if you must not shovel – There are certain people who are prone to injuries if they shovel snow. If you have a history of cardiac problems, avoid doing this activity.

Dress appropriately – It can be tempting to just run out and remove the snow and ice on your walkway regardless of what you are wearing. If you dress the right clothing for this activity, injuries can be prevented. It is highly advised that you dress in layers – wear a head covering, a scarf, warm socks, and gloves. Moreover, wear waterproof booth with slip-resistant soles.

Use the right shovel – Make sure to use the shovel that fits your body size and your level of strength. Choose one that has a handle that is the right length for your height. If you use one that has short handle, you may be leaning forward more. This will put you the risk of a back injury. Most importantly, choose one that is very comfortable to use.

Be cautious with deep snow – You must remove the snow when the ground is lightly covered. This will reduce the accumulation of packed, heavy snow. Instead of lifting the snow, just push it. But if lifting it is necessary, do not overload the shovel. And when the snow is deep already, remove it in layers.

Always stay hydrated – When you go out to shovel, drink a bottle of water. After that, drink regularly so you don’t become dehydrated. Avoid overexerting as well. This means that you have to take breaks often. You can go indoors to warm up. And if you feel any pressure or pain in your chest, immediately call your doctor.

Removing Ice

Aside from paying attention to your footing, here are other safety tips when doing this activity.

Purchase the right chemical products – An efficient way of melting the ice is putting a layer of rock salt on icy areas. Be reminded though that rock salt can damage concrete and metal surfaces. This is also harmful to plants. Prior to using any ice melting products, you must carefully read the labels.

Remove icicles – You need to get rid of any hanging icicles from gutters and roof edges. This will prevent injuries to children if they fall.

More snow removal tips here.

If you are task to remove snow around your property, it is very important that you check with your physician to make sure that it is right for you to shovel snow. For more info, check out this site.

What Is the Best Wood to Use for Stairs?

A new timber staircase can transform your hallway and give the whole property a boost. Even just replacing the banister rail will make an enormous difference to the look and feel of your home, and of course is much quicker and cheaper than installing an entire set of stairs.

Choosing which materials to use, however, is not always straightforward. We take a look at some of the different types of wood available for stair construction.

Scandinavian Pine

Also known as European redwood, this pale yellow softwood is produced in renewable plantations, making it a sound environmental choice. Attractive and affordable, with a knotty appearance adding character, pine is ideal for anyone on a budget. And of course if you’re intending to carpet or paint the staircase, you may feel there’s little point in splashing out on expensive materials that will only be covered up.

Southern Yellow Pine

This is the largest, hardest and strongest type of pine – tougher, in fact, than many hardwoods. Southern yellow pine is a durable, sustainable and cost-effective timber, with an appealing golden colour and distinctive large grain pattern. Grown abundantly in southern parts of the USA, it is ideal for staircases, floors and furniture.


An attractive and versatile softwood with a soft sheen, hemlock has a straight, light-coloured grain that can be varnished to a rich golden colour. Moreover, it is practically knot-free and easy to work with. This makes it a great substitute for more expensive timbers such as oak or ash, so is worth considering if your budget is limited. Hemlock can also be stained, varnished or painted.


There are various types of oak, with white oak considered the best option for stairs. Prized for its strength and durability, it has a beautiful knot-free grain that never seems to go out of fashion. In fact, so dense is white oak that it is almost water-tight, which is why it is used to make, among other things, boats, wine barrels and outdoor furniture.

Another advantage of white oak is that the grain is very stable, with few variations in pattern and shade. This makes it easier to match up new stairs with existing oak fittings such as skirting boards, floors and doors. It also takes wood treatments very easily.

There are two main sources of white oak: the USA and Europe. American white oak is more widely available, and therefore less expensive, with a straight grain and pale biscuit colour. European oak is a slightly darker, golden honey shade with a distinctive wavy grain pattern.


This premium hardwood is even tougher than oak, with a largely straight grain and attractive colours ranging from cream to pale brown. The most abundant type is American white ash. Heavy, hard and highly shock-resistant, it makes excellent stair treads. Because it has an open grain, ash is very flexible, so can be shaped to produce a variety of curved stair parts.


This reddish-brown hardwood looks similar to mahogany, and indeed belongs to the same family. With a distinctive tight, interlocking grain, it provides a strong and cost-effective alternative for use in furniture, flooring and cabinets as well as stairs. Sapele is harder and more stable than mahogany, with a dense structure that is highly resistant to rot and almost completely water-tight. This makes it ideal for outdoor as well as indoor use.


Native to West Africa, idigbo is a pale yellow-brown hardwood with a variable grain that can be straight, slightly irregular or interlocking. It is often chosen as an economical alternative to oak, and can be stained, varnished or painted. Although idigbo is not quite as durable as oak, it offers a good level of strength with little shrinkage, and can be shaped to produce attractive curved stair parts.


There are several types of walnut tree, but the one most often used in staircase construction is American black walnut. Strong and stable, this premium hardwood has a mostly straight grain and ranges in colour from dark chocolate to a pale brown. Black walnut is expensive but versatile and extremely hard-wearing. It can be carved into elaborate shapes, making it ideal for intricate stair components such as balusters, volutes and newel caps.

Additional Features You Can Install To Enhance Your Mailbox

Investing in a mailbox can really be a smart decision if you are looking for an additional outdoor feature that is both functional and appealing. With the various designs you can choose from today, you will certainly have an easy time finding a mailbox that is durable, handy, and something that can enhance the look of your outdoor décor.

Although you may have found the perfect mailbox, did you know that there are still ways for you to improve it? You can do so by installing some additional features. These features you can install on your mailbox include the following:

• A mailbox lock. Identity theft is still a huge problem today. Even if you think you live in a secure area, you won’t get total assurance that you won’t be a victim of mail theft. A secure mailbox lock is a simple feature that can give you peace of mind that only comes with knowing that it’s only you who have access to your personal correspondences.

• A mailbox newspaper holder. If you still have the daily paper delivered to your home or office, this feature is a must-have. There are under-mounted newspaper holders that can be easily attached or installed to the mailbox so that the paper can be delivered at the same height as one’s mail. If you dislike or have a hard time bending to pick up the newspaper which was thrown on your porch or lawn, a mailbox newspaper holder will help you overcome this daily challenge.

• A mailbox flag. This small flag signals the postal carrier that one has mail to pick up. This is a great feature to have, especially on days when your postal carrier may skip your home because you have no mail to be delivered. You can easily flip up this little mailbox red flag when you have outgoing mail placed in your mailbox for the mail carrier to pick up. The flag is a great visual cue that the carrier will still need to go to your home or office even if they don’t have to deliver any new mail.

• A mailbox address number. Lastly, your modern mailbox feature will look a bit more complete if it showcases your home or office address. This feature is usually crafted from the same materials as the wall mount mailbox you have or in a material that can complement your mailbox. The matching mailbox address numbers provide a finishing touch to your mailbox.

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